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Wow, what a powerful poem! It's jampacked with heartache, but doesn't dwell on it; instead gives way to glorious praise. I so love the way you ended this. Very well done.
So much detail packed into this poem! We often do not know what the hurt that makes a person become bitter. But love the ending message—It is never too late for anyone to reach out to God, until their last breath. Well done!
Powerful stuff! My reading pace quickened as I so wanted a happy ending. I wasn't disappointed.
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What a great reminder of what God's love can do. One could feel pain and pathos throughout the poem. Consider avoiding the overuse of "She." To control where you would want the reader to pause, I suggest a few punctuation marks.

Totally awesome piece you've crafted here! First, I was gripped by the depth of the MC's grief. Next, I felt myself losing ground in her sorrow and just wanting to ask Jesus to come take hold of this fictional character. Then, the marvelous ending, which served to soothe the pain of participating in the MC's grief and sent my soul soaring to joyous heights. Very nicely done!
Oh my, you really hit a homerun with this one. Wow, I am shaking as I write this. So sad and then so heartwarming with Christ came and saved her. I can relate to the MC on being bitter and angry for over fifty years, but I did not lose my child. What a horrific event to overcome. Thanks for sharing your talent in such an awesome way.

Blessings, Lynn
You have a way of making the MC's emotions just pop off the screen and right into the reader's heart. I pray I never had to experience this for real and stopped and prayed for those who have. Well done.
Raw Emotions... bitterness, sorrow, remorse, isolation, guilt. WOW! So glad the MC found peace in her encounter with God!

Wing His Words
What a powerful turn-around for her--from a chilling existence to one filled with Hope. He made all the difference. I loved what happened to her in the end.