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Whew! You're story took my breath away, and I'm not kidding. Awesomely profound piece, full of raw emotions and transparent truth. The choice your MC makes is so right and an incredible message for many folks suffering from all sorts of pain. Her courage is commendable in the face of such long-term affliction. Thank you for sharing this piece with all of us!
Wow! This was powerful! I felt the MC's pain and frustration, and humility. The descriptions and the vivid account of her transition through the years was blinding.

Excellent job! Thank you for sharing this with us.

God bless you~
That is a gripping tale and well-told to boot. My wife suffers chronic pain and you have described what is often reality in these situations.

Thank you for sharing.
This is one of those stories that gets right down to the bare bones. As I read on I shared every emotion with your MC and I'm so glad she determined to get out there and breathe again. Brilliant writing, full of human frailty and written straight from the heart. This must be in line for a ribbon.
Very moving and tenderly written. Thanks for writing this.
Beautiful, even though pain filled, writing. You take the reader right inside the feelings. Excellent job.
Your story rings with authenticity and potent emotion.
It's a brilliant reminder to make the choice to see beyond our circumstances. Well done Shann!
Wow. Thanks for being so transparent and letting us into your world. Praying for you but also doing a happy dance for your EC win. Congrats!
Congratulations on your receiving EC! God bless!
This is wonderful! Congratulations on your EC, and thanks for a beautiful, inspiring entry.

Thank you for sharing this touching story.

Congratulations on a very well deserved EC!

God bless you abundantly now and always~
Congratulations on your well-deserved E.C. with this powerful piece. Can you hear my yahoo-ing all the way over there? I'm hugging you to bits, as well.
This is so emotion-packed, there are few words to describe it. I love the way you ended it, with the MC remembering to breathe again. Great job.
Whoopee! HAPPY DANCE and somersaults to you Shann. Congrats on your EC win. Look at me, I'm doing back flips for you! Ha! Ouch!
Shann, you are beautiful clear through to your heart. Your writing is exquisite. and I'm so glad to see you in the EC column. . . again! Hugs!
From the crucible of pain, you have crafted a beautiful story - straight from the heart.

I felt the realness of this story from beginning to end. Pain can definitely be debilitating--physically, emotionally and spiritually. May God touch you with His healing hands and may you be inspired daily to breathe again. So happy for you that this found a deserving place on the EC list. Congrats and God bless--
Gripping, honest and powerful! The ending is perfect and encourages every one of us to face our weaknesses and take the next step. Congratulations on winning an EC!
Congratulations Shann, so happy for your well deserved EC win! WOW what a powerful emotion packed story! My mother suffers chronic pain and I see how she struggles and this shows both physical and mental struggle so well! Awesome job!
Congratulations on making 10th place. I can feel your writing.