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What a joyous story. I really enjoyed it and could picture the characters, including the writer, as they enjoyed or avoided the puddle. Well done.
The title really drew me in. Isn't it ironic that such a simple experience can cause so much freedom and joy.
Wonderful! Fantastic to read, you've captured the very heart of the topic. Great writing - and a great title too!
This is simply delicious. I loved the juxtaposition between the little girl and the lol (little old lady). This was pure genius and an adorable reminder to live in every moment while giving praise to God for the little puddles of life.
Oh, how I enjoyed this, and thought back to the many puddles I have danced in, even as an adult. But not in a while. When did the puddle-dancing cease? Why? I miss it. Hmmm. Food for thought. I will remember this story next time it rains. Maybe, just maybe .... Thank you.
This made my heart smile, and made me want to imitate the MC's dance. Great job!

God bless~
I loved her "damp dance." So many great lines. You have a beautiful and clear writing style.

A well deserved win, congratulations!
Congratulations,Tracy, on your 1st place EC award.

Great writing! Congratulations!
Tracy, This was perfect from start to finish. Even the very words themselves, such precision and poetry to behold... What a beautiful word-picture you have created for us all, to give in to our child-like desires to dance in the splash of life that God has designed for us. Thanks you for this very special piece. I can certainly see why it took first place over all. Now I want think of something that I can abandon myself in today. Blessings...
I loved both the precision writing and the heart-felt message of this piece. Great job, Tracy. Congratulations!
Beautiful! I can see why this piece won first place. Great writing, and congratulations!
Very well written; a fun story. Congratulations on your 1st place win!
Congrats on such a well deserved win. I agree with the former comment - precise writing indeed. Masterful!
Congratulations Tracy on a job well done! God bless!
What masterful eloquence and richness of story! I love the ending! Super congrats on top honors!!
Your descriptions were impeccable. I was completely engrossed and involved in each scene. Congratulations on your well deserved win!
Congratulations Tracey! This was so much fun - I feel like I was there. It's a nice of reminder of that saying, "You don't stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing!"
Congratulations! What a delicious read!
That was a perfectly delightful story. Thank you for sharing.
HUGE congratulations, Tracy!

This delightful piece made me smile and want to dance. Well done!
I really liked the "pass it forward" moment at the very end of the story. Very well done.
Oh, this is absolutely wonderful! Congrats on BoB, and I am SO glad to have met you at the conference. Enjoy your time as BoB, as I pass my crown to you. :)
WOW, BOB! A richly deserved award. This story is enthralling. It touches my heart. Congratulations!
Congratulations, Tracy, on Best of the Best with this masterful story!
Congratulations on Best of the Best! I remember loving this story the first time I read it--forget why I didn't comment then--but loved reading it a second time. Your beautiful descriptions captivate the scene and her thoughts...makes the reader want to try a puddle dance.
It's been a long while (I'm nearing 68 yrs young), since my little feet stirred any puddles... but I do remember! Wonderful piece... and thanks for the precious memories! God bless! Larry A
Huge congratulations Tracey on BofB. I too loved this story first time round and its even better second time! Wonderful! Lead me to the puddle!
Great Use of Imagery and Detail...It's no wonder you won!
Wow! So captivating. I'm looking at my shoes already. Wish I had a puddle nearby.
I really enjoyed the images in this story and the similarities/contrasts of her with little girl, frowning woman, and then at the end the man in the chair looking at his shoes. Very well crafted and amusing story.
I don't know how I missed this the first time around--but I'm so glad I took the time to read it today. This was a charmingly, engaging story that reminds us to let our inner 'child' take over from time to time. You had me smiling with this delightfully winner entry. Congrats on all levels of recognition.
Loved this story I think i'm gunna go outside and play in the snow now :)
Great story - well told!
"The woman was a pair of decades older than me" - I love that!
Absolutely beautiful! I was with you in the puddle, tears of joy in my eyes!!! What a wonderful read! Thank you, it greatly blessed me.
When you can write to reach deep into a persons soul and cause them to experience joy in the simple things in life, it speaks of your giftedness as a writer. God bless you and keep up the great work! Congratulations!
this is one of my all time most favorite articles!!!!! Wow! You've done something spectacular with this:) How simple, how tangible and how overlooked was the inspiration for such a joyous piece:)