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I loved every bit of this highly clever, original and humorous piece. It had me laughing, crying and nodding my head throughout because of all of the mistakes that I make that God always uses to His glory. Any "mistakes" in this piece certainly worked for you and for this week's entry. How wonderful that you talked about "your accent" through the voice recorder thing you use. I am so glad you have that. Pretty nifty. You are one of the most talented writers at the site and I always enjoy your entries. You know how to make the dialogue come alive as well as hitting such a personal chord with your reader because of your vulnerability. Thanks, and blessings to you!
What a thoroughly delightful read! Cleverly crafted with a super message we all need. You've got to have a winner here; that's for sure. I've used those voice recognition things and much prefer the Job Access With Speech program instead. If I had a cold/congestion, the computer didn't let me enter anything because it didn't recognize my voice. If I was anything but neutral...overly excited with joy or a tad bit angry as I spoke, the computer didn't like it and wrote its own document of misunderstanding. Nope, those things are just not for me. Yours, certainly, did make a terrific story, though! Thanks for sharing.
Delightful. We have a voice activation device in our car and sometimes when I very clearly state what I want - it (she - it is a femal's voice) will say: "Pardon?" To which I will repeat what I'd just said and again she will say: "Pardon?" So, after about the 5th try I'm thinking I thought the female species was supposed to be more intuitive. Regardless, I accept it and go about it the old fashion way - and do it manually.
This was a sheer delight to read. Your honesty opened the story up to a completely different level, and it took me along for a touching and compelling read.

I loved this entire thing, and your God given talent is so obvious with all of your entries, each one rising to another level from the last.

This is a bonafide winner in my eyes. Fantastic job!

Thanks. And, may God Bless~
Cute! I enjoyed every word, typos and all.

It reminds my of my too-smart phone that corrects spelling. One day I tried to text my daughter. She wanted permission to do something and I typed in "Ok", but the smart phone changed my word to "Oklahoma". Since then, we all use "Oklahoma" whenever we want to say "Okay"... hehe.

Loved it! Keep writing.
Doohickey, doohickey, doohickey, doo... Behave yourself you silly old moo! I've learned a new word and I love it. It's got a good 'icky' sound.

I love the rest of your piece too. It's original and funny and I hope it shoots to stardom. Great job!
Haha, this is great fun. My dad and boyfriend both use Dragon Naturally Speaking to do their typing, and we get lots of laughs out of the misunderstood words. Good lesson you pulled out of it, too.
I am smiling right now, and wanting one of those voice activators because my right hand goes quirky too sometimes. But then I have an American southern accent that would probably wreak havoc as well Such as shuga for sugar and so forth.
This is a delightful read. Loved it. Didn't see any typos, but then again I am kinda blind, shuga. lol

Great sense of humor in this, but an even greater message!

I smiled several times reading it, but I think these lines gave me the biggest grin: "Certainly it must be his ears, and not my mouth that has the problem. Any man married over 15 years, or even 15 days, should know that telling his wife that the problem is with her mouth can lead to nothing but trouble!" :D

Your message, though, was the best part, as it applies to every one of us!
"Getting to know you, getting to know all about you, getting to like you" . . . LOTS! You are such a tenacious gal, grabbing the golden ring for humor and strength. My hubby has a "Dragon Speaking Naturally" - he has had it for millenia. It doesn't work for him - his voice is too soft, and when he yells the dragon and I skitter away. sigh.

Because He lives and loves . . .
This is a great take on the topic and also shows up the wonderful value of the technology that can type what it hears. I hope it gets much use! I imagine you need a sense of humor when it gets your words wrong - like voice recognition text messages which can be very different to what is actually said. Well done!
I thoroughly enjoyed the story from beginning to end.

Although I did listen to my teacher to watch the words instead of the key board, I struggle with the modern conveniences such as text messages.

I found myself laughing at the antics you used to prove your husband wrong.

Is it wonderful that God understands us even if we don't speak correctly.

I thought the typos were a clever way to illustrate your story.
I was completely captivated as the story progressed. I love your creativity and your humor. Sometimes you just have to laugh as what the phone/computer voice recognition software assume. :) Thanks for sharing many smiles and laughs with your readers. :)
You and me are kindred spirits with the techno thing ...Voice recognition software-paalease. I speak an unintelligible language and found your piece totally relate-able and entertaining!
A creative take on the topic that lays your humanity and your humour wide open. A thoroughly enjoyable, absorbing read.