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Excellent job of depicting the famous Biblical story/passages. The dialogue, the interaction, and the overall entry was a very worthy and compelling read.

This will score well with the judges for sure!

Thanks. God bless~
This is frighteningly true and so powerfully written. Just excellent. I think your lines 'I sense a depth beyond mine' and 'personal comfort disappearing' highlight so accurately some of the issues going on within Pilate. Your title is perfect, and tragic. Thank you for writing such a great piece - only you could stand with such an amazing first sentence!!
Let those ideas bubble up some more! I so enjoyed this. The "first degree healing" line made me giggle. Good depiction of Pilate. Keep writing!
Another fine job here. I look forward to your stories every week. I think this one will do very well. God BLess
I know a common comment around here is show not tell, however, because of my love for drama this is a perfect soliloquy! You caught his voice - arrogant, unsure, grasping for control, and a little fear. Well done.
Well - here's another of your adoring fans with nothing left to say. It's been said already. You are just sooo good at this! But I think this tops 'em all.
Pilate's story is one that has haunted the ages. You've taken us into his thoughts, which at times made me smile when he considered the hypocrisy of the religious leaders. Your topic tie-in with the note written above the cross has the power to send chills. This is a powerful piece of writing.
Rivetting! "purr icily" - terrific word picture! I truly enjoyed this. Thank you.
What began with a fanciful line that made me smile as I'm a 'don't get your knickers in a bunch' gal, rapidly developed into an amazing and quite probable inner dialogue Pilate might have had. Your entries always captivate and intrigue!
Now to see it on stage!
Noel!!!! Doing a happy dance for you! Wow! Congrats!
Yeah! You dunnit oznoel. Told you this one topped 'em all. Congratulations!
Huge congratulations. This was SO fantastic, it well deserves first place!
Excellent article! Looks like I'm one of the multitude of your fans and glad to be counted in their number. Enjoy being at the top of the mountain this week! This article deserves to be there; that's for sure!
Super congrats on this noteworthy entry! I'm very excited for you!
Oh, you had waaaaay too much fun writing this one. And what a great ride you took us on as your readers. Keep up the good work.
You certainly were "in charge" of this one. Splendid!
Congrats Noel on your Blue ribbon and your EC! I told you this would do well with the judges! Excellent job.

God bless~
Congratulations, Noel. What more can I say? God bless you.
Good onya Noel! You've written this so well and your 1st place is very much deserved. Congratulations!
Congrats! I told you it would do well!
Yay! Congratulations~ Yay!
Wonderful entry--worthy of first place in EC. So proud of you Noel--your best yet!
Truth prevailed in three simple words - the Holy Spirit guiding even those we thought could not hear. Truth undeniable regardless of whose lips or hand it proceeds from. Great writing, Noel. Exceedingly, so! Congratulations.
Congratulations on an excellent story. I really enjoyed the feel of the story and especially the POV. Judging by your placing, I'd have to agree - you certainty are in charge around here this week!
My BT, congrats on your well deserved first place win. More success will come to you in Jesus' name.
Wonderful work, Noel!
This would be perfect for an Easter week reading with the speaker dressed in attire of the time.

Wing His Words
Excellent and amazing. Congratulations!
Stunning! You've captured the complex and evolving thoughts of Pilate and in such a profound way portrayed the topic in this masterful piece.Congratulations Noel on your #1 ranking!
Congratulations, Noel.
Very interesting response to the simple word "note".
Loved it!
You did a great job of conveying the feelings Pilate was wrestling with on that life-changing day in the history of humanity. A very well deserved win--congratulations!
What a timely writ. Love the style and the prose. Congratulations. It deserves the win. Stan
I love how your title plays into the end. That twist was just right. Great work and showing just how things might have been playing through his head. I absolutely loved every word of it. Brilliant writing!
I love it! You've expressed the MC's character pretty much how I've imagined him to be, and you've given a familiar scene new life.