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You kept my interest through the story, waiting to see how it would turn out. Sad, but that is life sometimes.
Heartwarming, tearjerking. Beautiful.
Heartbreakingly poignant. I pray you will continue with Sandy - and that she is reunited with her beloved. Your story positively begs for a sequel . . .
I liked how you incorporated the nursery rhyme into your story. It was an interesting well written tale that deserves another chapter where the hero rescues his damsel from loneliness.
Oh, this is really good. Sad ending but really touching and kept my rapt attention from the beginning. Why, oh, why didn't he just take the note? MEN!
Excellent story.
One more thing. Please don't it end there. Have them meet again sometime in life. Just sayin'
Oh... How mean of you to leave us dangling like that. I was hoping the train would break down before it left the station. However, this was a good story with lots of 'will she - won't she,' suspense, but I particularly like the end paragraph about God's love for us.
Where is a 1500-word limit when you need one? I have to agree - you have sentenced yourself to treating us to at least one more instalment of this tale of love being stretched - along with our hopes for them.
Even so, I like the way you closed it off - at least this part.
Great writing.