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Nicely done and nicely told. I enjoyed this completely entertaining entry.

Thank you. God bless~
This poem is cleverly written and brought a smile to my lips with the last stanza--just as I was wondering what the Triple S was all about.
Ha! You made me laugh out loud! Great job!

Wait! You weren't talking about me - were you?
This reminds me of my now departed MIL. :) An enjoyable poem, and I'd encourage you to keep doing these but to make all the syllables of each verse identical. Look up Kenn Allen's work—a FW master—and you'll see how much it helps the reader to have it structured.
This is a clever take on the topic. It did pull me to the past when Mom would call and complain about her mom. I would joke and say oh in another 20 years, I'll be calling Emily(my daughter) and complain about you, Mom. I never dreamed Mom would have died at 57 and rob me of my chance to complain.:) It makes those little annoyances so little in the grand scheme of life.You really touched my heart with your words. Congratulations for ranking 22 (Double Two :) overall!
I noticed Sally's comment, and as I am quite tone deaf and have a horrible time hearing the natural rhythm of lines, I will go through and count on my fingers the number of syllables. I did every line of yours and I think all but three had eight syllables in each line. The three that didn't had 7 so I'm not quite sure why that comment was made. Maybe there is more that I can't hear, but according to my fingers, it was close to perfection.:)