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This reminds me of 1 Corinthians 3:7, a very difficult verse to accept sometimes. Patience to wait on God's timing is always difficult. Great job.
That poor waitress, first she unwittingly "gate-crashed" grace, then when she saw the hands to the forehead while the trio was praying she assumed they all had migraines. What a start to this entry! :) "Subsume" was a new word for me.. :) You are a master with titles AND I had to smile at the concept of a micro-wave switch for witnessing. The message tucked in your story with the example Pastor Kelvin uses of "centuries of annual festivals and prophecies" had prepared the crowd is so good. Then the verse from Acts 2:36 concerning Christ being Yahweh and Messiah is powerful! You have me wondering if that waitress will be the next convert. :)
I really enjoyed this piece. I think you made some awesome points and definitely left me with things to think about. Good job.
Oh, I do like pastor Kelvin. He's certainly in tune with God and the people God wants to reach.

I laughed at your 'funnies' (as always)and especially 'grace was unwittingly gate crashed, and 'cliches that roam the stratosphere.'

You packed a lot of stuff into this and conveyed your message well. Looking forward to more of pastor Kelvin please.
What I took from this and admire about Pastor Kelvin is one, his perspective on things (past and present) and his shrewd wisdom in getting to others on their level - in the trenches, completely empathetic with keen listening skills and understanding heart. He was also armed with history lesson to hearten his sometime weary flock. And he was right, of course - preaching at the pulpit has its place and is necessary - but lunching with his congregation inspires honest feedback for both pastor and his flock. Nicely done!
I just thought of all the people who "planted seeds" in me before I finally gave my life to Christ. Remembering words said to me by people I could tell had something I wanted. This reminded me of that. As usual, you have written a wonderful, thought provoking, and well produced piece that resonates. Excellent. God BLess
Pastor Kevin is sagacious, kind and a man to be admired. This was an excellent piece that many will enjoy well after reading it.

Thank you. God bless~
This is great.

My only suggestion/confusion was about the whole "migraine" part. Who was thinking that? If it was the waitress, you have a POV shift. It it was the pastors who THOUGHT that's what she was thinking, then that wasn't made clear enough. (Clear as mud? :))

There are some good reminders here. Nice job.

I loved that the pastor was going to where the people were and eating wherever they normally did. I was confused about the migraine thing, though. How is it that she thought they all had a migraine? The above commenter helped with one possibility, praying posture. Since I pray with my hands in my lap at a restaurant, head bowed and eyes gently closed, I wondered then what our waitresses must think of me...the old girl's nodded off? In any case, a terrific message, delightfully presented.
You've made some wonderful points in this entry. I really like your line that says "avoid clichs that roam the stratosphere before coming to rest above the heads of a congregation." Nicely done.
Lots of wisdom packed into this piece.
The fields, being white unto harvest, are due to seeds previously planted. Some plant, some reap, as the pastor counseled. One niggling thought,for what its worth: Table service at Golden Arches? I've never seen that on this side of the pond. Enjoyed your easy-to-read, informative writing style.
I really like Pastor Kelvin, and if he had a church in my area, I'd be sure and visit it! :) He really shares a lot of wisdom in this well-written piece with its nice touches of humor! I truly enjoyed the story and its great message!