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Oh my. I LOVED the humor, and the lesson, and the voice. I could NOT resist opening this one the minute I read the title, and I couldn't stop reading until I got to the end. This one had to be SOOO much fun to write! Thank you.
Even though I have often been described as "queasy, squeamish, mentally unstable, over 8 feet, or purple," I risked opening this entry. I'm glad I did. Thanks for the fun ride throughout. Now if I can just slip away and hide from those descriotive critics...
This is so funny. At first I thought maybe the MC was having labor pains, but then (if I'm getting this right - I've been known to miss the point more than once) it was simply God's way of making her slow down and listen. Thanks for the laugh and the disclaimer (even though I seldom pay them any mind anyway; and in this case, I'm glad I didn't). : )
The title drew me in. I'm not queasy, there's a debate about my mental stability, squeamish me? Nah and I'm only like 5-6 but...oh no Purple? Seriously you're going to ban me because I'm purple? Wait, it's the sky in my world that's purple! Hmmm I see no warnings about the purple sky. I read on. This is a hoot! I could totally relate to the MC though it was kidney stones, not the flu, that had me sprawled out on the bathroom floor. I loved this piece. Though your story is hysterical the message is quite profound. This is one of my favorites and it's not just because I love purple.
I loved your voice for the story. Perfect. A few days ago I was right there, well more like curled up in bed with a bucket. I remember trying to decide if labor pains were worse too. I did rest the next day.
Wow! I read this to my hubby who is recovering from a fractured hip - a real bragger of an injury. He stood up and turned around to flush the toddy. Lost his balance and fell into the walk-in shower, bouncing off the shower ridge with his right hip. Glad you survived the flu! Absolutely delightful and very inspiring! You made me feel you . . .
Even though I resemble many words in your title, I read it any way. I laughed so hard because I just got over the flu and could so relate.
Hahahahahahaha...loved the title and thi sentire hysterical piece. Great job.

God Bless~
Having LIVED through what you describe, I can laugh heartily and sympathetically in recognition. And your writing holds nothing back (flu reality as well). Great work.
Totally love this. Awesome job! Congrats!God bless!
Though your writing is superb, what stood out to me about this piece is how much I can relate. I've been there with the stomach flu, and I tend to need stuff like that to force me to slow down. But yeah, great writing and fantastic title. A well-deserved win.
Novel, creative, funny, and did I forget to mention a great lesson.

Oh yes, this is soooo good. Loved the title too. A great big congratulations to you!
This was a fantastic journey into the realm of tongue in cheek. Just loved the entire thing. Congratulations on your well deserved winning entry and thanks a million for the big ear to ear grin with a timely unexpected message. Whoo hoo!
Congratulations on your win. Well done.
Congrats! God Bless~
Congratulations on your 1st place EC award Dustin!
Congrats on your EC award! Great story.
There are just no words! Too funny, well-written, honest. Congrats!