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Wow! This is such an intense piece. It brought tears to my eyes and is perfect for us to remember as Veteran's Day draws near. It's so important that we read pieces like this lest we forget the reason why the price of war is so high.
A unique and poignant piece and very well written; on topic and outside the box--should do well!

Colin (Gold Member)
I've read so many beautiful pieces this morning but this touched my heart the most. Thank you so much for this tribute to our troops and for the compassion in your heart. Excellent writing and I enjoyed this greatly!

God Bless you and your great talent!
This is such a poignant piece!I like how you began at the bottom with boots and moved up to the top with the helmet.

You say so much with so few words. My favorite - the last line: "A sobering sign of the ultimate price." Great!
In my opinion, :-) Well done!
I know I already commented but seeing how November 11 is Veteran's Day I was moved to read this piece again. I think what touched me the most was the spot about the knees being worn from kneeling to comfort a child. There is so much about war that I pray I'll never have to understand first hand. Normally I think of bullets shooting out of a gun in rapid succession or of bombs lighting up the sky for miles around, not to mention the red of blood staining the ground. Your piece opened my eyes to the fact that the men and women who proudly serve their country pour their hearts into their jobs so that I may go to bed tonight and not worry. I'm sure this piece will be at the top of the rankings, but no matter where it lands I hope you find a way to share it with the world. It's that good and may we never forget the sacrifices families around the globe make for us.
A short piece that speaks volumes, particularly since we've just had Rememberance Sunday. You captured so much in your few words. I would call this a masterpiece!
Wonderful piece honoring those who serve their country in the military! I salute them, too! :)
Absolutely wonderful poem to honor our freedom fighters. I am putting this on my list for next years Showcase article the week of Veterans Day, you can be sure!
Thank you for crafting this splendid piece.
So deeply eloquent in its brevity and poignancy. Excellent work.
Congratulations Allison, on this short but amazing poem! A well deserved win.
Congratulations! Excellent job. I especially appreciated this because I have grandkids currently serving in the Air Force, Army and Navy. God bless!
Congratulations. I know this one would be first! Happy Dance!!
A well-written poignant tribute, Allison. Super congrats on your Editor's Choice award!
Happy happy happy that your tribute won!
Such a wonderful and poignant poem, Alison. Tremendous writing. Many congratulations on your well deserved win.
Thank you. Congratulations - your first place is so very well deserved.
Congratulations on your well-deserved win. In just a few well-chosen words you tell a moving and universal tale, of war and sacrifice.