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I think this is such a creative story. I really enjoyed it and found myself smiling throughout. I did guess fairly early on that they were mannequins but it didn't lessen the desire to want to keep reading. I think you covered the topic in a fresh way and you left me with a smile. Great job.
Oh, this is great. So creative. I did figure out fairly early on they were mannequins. It actually reminds me of a show I used to watch as a kid, "Today's Special" which was about store mannequins who came to life.
Oh, this is lovely! I got quite a ways before I realize they were mannequins! What great fantasy! You have an amazing gift wiht imagination!


God Bless
I too had gone a long way before I realised they were mannequins--I think the underwear model started to open my eyes!
A good entertaining story!

Colin (Gold Member)
Clever, unique, creative, and a perfect ending!

I really enjoyed your imaginative piece and the word pictures you so flawlessly drew.
Well done.
They communicate very well for a bunch of dummies! Loved the characterisation, and the pictures you've woven here. Very creative.
So creative and so deserving of this win. Congratulations, Myrna!
Congratulations on your win Myrna. I really enjoyed this creative story.
This made me laugh out loud! Well written and creative. Congrats!!!
This is brilliant Myrna, I love the huge variety of all these characters and can just picture them. A really inventive and clever take on the topic and such fun to read. Many congratulations.
I love your story. I was completely taken in and surprised by the ending. Maybe I should have seen it coming. Well done. This is creative and humorous. And - oh yes, congratulations on your 3rd place in EC.
I totally enjoyed the meeting of the manikins. Your creativity tops the charts. Congrats on your EC.