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Oh I so love this. You had me laughing so hard. I admit one part I did scratch my head a tad. I thought the MC was a female until the beach dude told "him" off. So I thought I must have been wrong. Then I get back to the mirror part and find out she was a female so I scratched my head harder until I said duh the beach dude thought she was a guy because of her appearance! I'm a tad slow on the uptake. I think it made me laugh even harder once it sunk in. You covered the topic (but not all of the characters--sorry I couldn't resist!:))This was a fun read with a great message at the end. It's one I need reminding of as I get older and the person in the mirror is not someone I ever imagined. Thanks for the giggles.
Really enjoyed your fun story. Very well written with a splash of this and that: Americanism and Englishism involved. Thank you for sharing!

Colin (Gold Member)
Hehe this is cute!

I also got a bit confused in places... How did she wander onto nudist colony anyway? I also assumed she was walking, but then you talked about the windshield, and I got a bit confused... was the dog in a car?

Cute idea. Nice job.
I loved this....i did get a little confused but the story was great! Thanks for sharing.
There was plenty of humor in this fun piece, but the ending contained a serious, thoughtful message. Good job!
You got me smiling with your description of the "six rump ends" and I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the story all the way to the lovely lesson at the end. Perfect!
This raised a few chuckles for me. Well written. The sort of thing you might see in a professional journalist's article. Well done.
I thought I'd pop in with an answer to the windshield thing. Now here in the states a windshield is attached to a car or a truck, but given it's name I wonder if in the UK it is used like we might use a beach umbrella. So the dog hadn't hijacked an ice cream truck but more likely got cozy on a beach blanket with an umbrella to keep the rays and the wind off his delicate skin. Am I right? I love those words--scarper is still my fav though. It does add this quaint British holiday feel to the story. After much googling my head is jumbled up with windscreen vs windshield and one is a slangy term for umbrella! So do I get a special prize for figuring it out? An all-expense paid trip to England is what I'm crossing my fingers and wishing for! (Hey I can dream?) Either way, I still love your story and it still has me chuckling.
Shann, you've got it spot on again! And you can come and have a cup of nice English tea with me anytime you're passing by.
I was also 'barely' with you, until I renude my efforts and re-read the whole thing again. Great word pictures and self-deprecation with a healthy dose of honesty. Nothing hidden at all, even though you've covered everything better than some of your characters were trying to!
Thanks for a fun read.
Congratulations! I'm doing my special happy dance just for you!
CONGRATULATIONS, Danielle, for your E.C. win with this funny story! WAY TO WRITE!! :)
This was real fun and I agree with all the comments - you certainly made us all smile. Many congratulations on your EC for such a great story.