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This is a delightful read. You introduced the conflict early and kept me wanting to read more. I was thinking that when the MC fell asleep the perfect roommate would have finished the buttons and ironed the dress. I like your way much better. :) Nice job and definitely right on topic.
I really enjoyed this story and chuckled at the very last line. :) YOu had some good descriptive phrases such as, "wild weeds for hair" and "stomach twisted like a garlic knot." Nice job!
I'm so glad this was 'real'. I totally expected a 'Cinderella' finish with Ginina completing the dress while the MC slept. It's so much better this way! I loved it - and -
I'm glad you still wear clothes!
CONGRATULATIONS on your E.C. win for this great story!! WAY TO WRITE!! :)
Sounds like some of my sewing projects! I gave up on clothes too--sewing them that is. Congrats on your win!
Clever story, right on topic. But I was disappointed that an expected ending of the perfect friend/roommate coming to the rescue with a completed and ironed dress didn't transpire.
Oh well...
Great job and congratulations!
A great story with quite a lesson too. Enjoyable and fun to read. Congratulations on your EC.