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You hit the reader immediately with a huge conflict and sense of suspense that propels the story onward. You covered the topic in a fresh way and gave new meaning to Give us our daily bread. It may not have tasted the best, but the grease smeared on it would give the girls a bit of desperately needed fat and the mold could likely fend off illnesses. The message is profound. It may not be the bread we want, but the Lord will give us what we need.
Wow - this was a riveting tale and an ingenious entry. I was so into the entire piece. Great writing, and wonderful dialoque and prefect conclusion!

Thanks! God bless~
This is so good. The setting was terrifying; I can't imagine being in such a situation so young. The elder MC came across as one well experienced in searching for food through the rubble; how this reminds me that when life is full of 'rubble' I need to keep on searching for God's provision and, as someone else here commented, eat what I'm given, even if it is unsavoury to my taste.

Your descriptions are beautiful, your characters believable, and the ending is hopeful. This was a great read. Well done.

I really like stories with a historical setting, and this had a definite WWII "feel." It was a compelling piece, and I admire the "pluck" and spirit of both sisters. Good writing! :)
This is gripping and beautifully written. Very good indeed. Thank you!
Through this tragic story, I was pleased to have a smile on my face at the end of your story. This reader was mezmorized by your descriptive writing and the story flowed from beginning to end. I also enjoyed what I considered to be a very unique writing. Very nicely done!
Spot on for descriptive writing and setting an authentic atmosphere for time and place. The story was compelling, drawing this reader in and emphatically caring for the characters and their outcome all the way.
Wow. Vivid and gripping, loved every unique line. Hope this does super well!
I love how you have transcended the terror of the scenario with a hope that soars hiugher than the bombers and for longer than their raid - hope that is borne out of sibling love. Well done.
This is outstanding for description, characteriztion, and suspense.Great job!
Very well done. The story held my attention throughout and it serves the topic well. Good job.

God bless~
What a sad story of life that does happen. Great telling and showing. Congrats on your EC!
CONGRATULATIONS on your E.C. for this moving, well-written story! :)
Well done! I just love love this piece. Really nicely done Amy!