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Hahahahahaha...Loved the disclaimer at the bottom. I am the one who brings the dip and chips and "store bought pies." I hate cooking, but I confess I "do know how."

Thanks. God bless~

What a fun read...and hey, chips and dip are good! I used to love to cook when I was younger and all the kids were home, almost everything then was home made. Now that I am older and often am just feeding myself, I have many other ways I enjoy spending my time! Have come to love the deli! I too loved the disclaimer, made me laugh.
Good approach for the topic. I know many of us will identify with your character. My family tried to convince me my cooking was fine, but I knew better. I rarely give it any effort anymore.
This was very funny to read! Your tone was witty and the comparisons of the food to varies objects help keep a mental image of truly how horrible the dishes were in mind. I agree with bringing chips and dip -- always a good way to go.
What a hoot! I loved reading about your MC's misadventures in the kitchen.
This is wonderful. I love how these experiences teach us something new every time; such as, some fruits prevent jello from setting! :-) This brings back memories of my first attempt at lasagne; we couldn't even break through the top layer of pasta with a sharp steak knife!

I really enjoyed your writing style; the little side comments, your MCs ability to see herself as she is (or himself?!). And yes, chips and dips are a definite 'woo hoo' addition to any potluck dinner! Great job!
This is an adorable story. You had me chuckling and snorting enough times that my husband sitting behind me playing a video game asked me if I was alright. I responded that I was just chuckling at a delightful story that I was reading. You did a fine job of lightening my mood and making me a tad hungry. I chuckled again at the footnote because I was going to suggest a bag of chips!
I like your tongue-in-cheek manner of writing. It brought me to the different events and food prepared for them with much enjoyment. Fortunately, there are those involved in potlucks where it is just safer to bring the chips and dips. Delightful entry. It put a smile on my face.
Sounds like some of my misadventures in the kitchen:)
A great confessional that had me smiling. Self-awareness is so freeing and this came through so well in the great way you told this story. I could almost see Carol Burnett doing this as a skit on one of her programs (that is if she ever did them anymore)
I loved your author's note. You totally had me smiling all through this. Your title put the "straw" question in my head, and I was relieved to get the answer when I got to jello. Love this!
Sometimes self-deprecation quickly descends into a warped form of self-aggrandisement, but you've steered us away from that at every turn with a delightful read all the way through. Great work.
Congrats! God Bless~
Love your style! And l share your distaste for cooking. Every night is taco night in my house ;)