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Wow. So beautiful and touching. I loved the entire entry. Thanks.

God Bless~
I love this! What a great approach to the topic. As I read, I was looking forward to the next wave of immigrants and what food they would bring to America. :) The beef stew analogy at the end is awesome but I'm wondering if you might have scored better in "topic" if you'd gone back to the pot luck instead. That's my only sniggle - I truly enjoyed your article.
I enjoyed this educational and taste-filled entry from start to finish. Thanks.
So well written! I could taste the flavors of each nation as you named them. I love the offerings from most all of them. Reading this and remembering that America started as a place accepting and unifying so many, it breaks my heart now to see America so divided. I agree with Catrina, I think America is more like a big pot-luck dinner than a stew. God Bless America!
This is lovely; I haven't heard of many of those dishes but gee, I'd love to taste them!

Here in Australia we are much the same; a very multicultural society. I would like to say that we have unity, but it's far from the case. Here, the media and political movements cause all sorts of drama; typically Australian traditions, customs and celebrations are being stopped/banned, changed and renamed so as not to 'offend' immigrants who don't share those views.

The absolute shame of it all is most of these amazingly beautiful immigrants don't mind in the slightest if Christmas carols are sung, or Aussie flags waved at ANZAC Day parades, and our politicians/powers at be, etc, in their politically correct overload, are stirring up a hornet's nest that is so completely unnecessary. They have the power to unite, but choose to encourage division. And that, in my opinion, is unacceptable.

Sorry to 'rant' on your comments page. I loved your story, (which, by the way, I am reading in 3D, as my stew simmers away in the kitchen!). :-) Blessings, Helen.
Oh, I like this. :) I love the feel of this. Our church now has a ministry to Koreans, which has been neat. Nice job with this entry.
I love your take on the topic. I think you did a splendid job of merging the people and their foods. This was an enjoyable and educational read.
Very interesting and informative. Creative and thought provocing.
This was really informative and it made me hungry:) I liked your analogy at the end. Much better than melting pot, like we were taught in school. Very good.
Educational and entertaining and held my interest throughout. I liked your approach to this subject and the way you were able to make it come alive.
I love the uniqueness of your entry; very well written and educational as well.
Wonderful...I have always thought that the absence of fear would bring all together and there would be no need for hate. Loved this, what a great potluck!
When you lay all this fare before us, it really is an amazing array, diverse, and delicious. :) I think your title is perfect and I enjoy how you entertained us by melding history with education. :)
Congratulations on placing 9th in Masters and 13 overall!