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Good job with the well known and familiar scripture...I always enjoy a Biblical reference and story.

Thank you. God Bless~
This was excellent. I love it when a writer successfully brings a story from the bible to life in an authentic and compelling way. You have done that here and it is so well written that it gave me goosebumps as she lay on the ground waiting for the first stone to fly. Wow! You have really spun out this story from the woman's perspective really well.

Thanks for sharing!
You did a great job of bringing this story alive. It always makes me wonder exactly what Jesus was writing in the dirt. I liked how the other women gathered around her and offered her a sense of protection -- a message that still holds true today.
I love the concept of infamy that led to fame. (Read my entry 'David? Which David?' and you will see that I ain't kidding)

This woman, without even knowing her name, is one of the most famous women of Scripture. Not for the infamy associated with her sin, but rather for the perfect picture of mercy and grace that was painted by her story.

This sentence did not work for me, it seems clumsy and worded wrong; 'The thuds of stones hitting the ground followed sandaled footsteps fleeing the courts replaced the eerie silence.' I thought 'was followed by' or perhaps even 'The eerie silence was followed by...'

But you certainly captured something special here with a graphic picture that brought the story to new life.

Thank you.

I absolutely loved this and I have always loved this story. "He is without sin, cast the first stone." has always had special meaning to me. I have known many stone casting sinners in my life. Fabulous.....
Congratulations for placing 13th overall!
I enjoyed this entry. You did a good job showing the mercy of God of sinners. It helped to understand more of what was probably going on with this repentant woman.