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Great job with this! Clever entry with what may have been going on when Paul, formerly known as Saul turned toward God on the road to Damascus. I really liked this. It was a powerful in a subtle way.

Thank you. God Bless~
Very well done. I liked this rendering of the story of Paul.
Very good take on the topic. I always find your stories interesting - I like your style!
Sneakers? Whatever happened to good old sandals?

Only kidding, of course. I just wanted to highlight how much I enjoyed the modern touch. It reads as if it could have been a conversation held during this last week; emphasizing the timelessness of conversion and faith.

Thank you.
Ha-ha! How would you have liked to be the bearer of that news? I'm betting the real persecutors didn't believe it until they actually saw him preaching in the streets.

Good dialogue and unique take on the story. Great job!
OOOHH you did a spectacular job of showing what might have been going on behind closed doors when the officials heard of Paul's transformation. From everything I've heard Saul was the epitome of the perfect Jew. from a good family working his way up the ladder of success so to speak. But on the road to Damascus the shift of balance was I'm sure quite noticeable. Great writing.
Congratulations for placing 17th overall!
I loved this. You did a fabulous job of describing what a shock it must have been when people learned of Saul's conversion.