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Clever, interesting - and a fun read. Thanks. God Bless~
This is great. So very creative. I loved your point of view.

I must admit, the beginning confused me just a little. I wasn't sure who the MC was at first, Mr. Spam filter or Maps but as I kept reading the fog lifted and I was giggling.

I really liked the email with the misspellings and improper English- very creative.

You did an awesome job covering the topic and I enjoyed the mental pictures you painted.
I absolutely LOVE this story! On topic, catchy, original, And FUNNY! I saw a couple of typos (not the one purpose ones. That piece of spam made me giggle.) Great job on this topic!!!!!!
:-D <-- me still grinning.
Clever. God bless you.
So well done - Very creative and humorous with such vivid detail it was easy to imagine it through the minds eye! Thoroughly enjoyed this!
I just got an email yesterday from my "friend". It said she was in Spain and had been robbed and didn't have a plane ticket to get home, nor any money to buy one, and could I send her some money. Hahahahahahaaaaa! My friend is not in Spain. She can barely buy food right now!

Very cute and creative!

I have to say, the mention of "hiding spot" in the beginning didn't sound like it fit the burly military type characters you were painting. Pretty sure they'd say something more "military" like. Perhaps "from behind the barricade" or "incognito" or something-er-other.

Anyway it was a fun read. You score big points on creativity. :)
Nice job - Congratulations. God bless~