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I really enjoyed how you used the songs to illustrate the MC's feelings. I thought this was creative and a good representative of how songs can impact our lives. (I was also impressed how you got the little musical notes to show up. I'd never be able to figure out how to do that)

I must admit I did miss the topic in this one, but then I thought Spam was a difficult topic and I'm not sure if I entirely understand it.

I could really relate to the MC. I often have days like that. I liked how the ending was open-ended.

I also liked how you showed that even though she enjoys Christian music and is likely a Christian, her life still has hurdles. Many people think Christians should always have a rosy outlook. But we are still human, and through Christ, we can get through tough times but we still have tough times.
A very clever and effective way to show how the "spam" that infiltrates our ears every day can affect our thoughts.

Though this is a well written and powerful piece, the topic "Spam" is inferred but not literal. Your score in this category might be lower because of that. (Clarifications of the topics are posted and discussed here in the message boards each week: )

This was a well thought-out story with a message that preaches without being "preachy". Nice job!
I forgot to say - I really like the last line. Perfect ending! It made me smile instead of being left totally sobered by guilt. :)
I too am impressed by the little musical notes.

I loved the message here as well as the realistic emotions shown by the MC.

Earplugs would be helpful in our daily walk. If only we could buy mind plugs as well.
If the definition of Spam is an electronic message, then this certainly passes the test.:-) The over all message is one with which we can all relate: We're floating in spam from many venues. Your piece did a good job of highlighting one of them.
What an interest take on the topic, music as spam. You really showed well too, how easily music affects our thoughts and our mood. Enjoyable read.
Very creative.

If any of those songs aren't public domain, however, the judges may dock you for that, particularly in the "How publishable is this entry?" category. Deb pointed that out in a Ratings Feedback Report I got on a story of mine where I quoted a line from a Whitney Houston song.

Anyway, cute idea. I like the last line of the story. :)