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So sad. I hope Samira made it to safety. Huda too. Well-written. The mean Ahmed sure had an endless supply of derogatory labels to throw at them.
I am so glad Jesus granted women respect. It is too bad some men degrade and despise them.

Well written.
I really enjoyed this story. It flowed well, had conflict, and and built to the conclusion. Good job.
So sad. So well written. To think this sort of thing may still happen is heartbreaking. Thankyou for writing.
What a unique and well-wrought story. I enjoyed every morsel of it. Excellent atmosphere and characters!
This sad story brings such a feeling of compassion for the pearl diving girls. That's excellent writing.
I find it difficult to imagine this type of enslavement. I think I would have been like Samira when she said Ahmed could not own her; and like her, I too would have most likely staged my own death to escape (if that's what happened. The reader is left wondering if Huda's smile was one of happiness for her friend or if she too was about to choose Smira's fate. Enjoyed all of the ways you were able to make Ahmed's slurs meaningful without being too offensive. The story is well-rounded and a good educational read as well.
What a gripper. Excellent story-telling that kept me hanging to the very end, even though I sensed what was coming.
Congratulations on placing 12th in Masters and 14th overall!