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Bravo. I'm not comparing this to any other entry I have read, but this really touched me and I thought it was very well done, and I hope it does very well because it is just one of those pieces that can stand by itself. Great job.
Pure poetry. Just the right amount of sweetness.
Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I loved this.
What a way to tell a story! Wonderful!
Excellent job of mixing prose within the story. The mother and daughter's relationship was wonderfully portrayed.

This is definitely one of my top favorites for the week.
I really, really liked this. Not only the style but the content and meaning behind it. Well done.
Wonderfully written! I enjoyed how the poem was different throughout the life stages of the characters. I really thought it was neat that the daughter ended up having a boy...just made me wonder if his walls would be plastered with sports heroes!
Wonderful! The format and message are so masterfully entwined.
Very sweet, and a legacy every mother would be proud to share. ;-)

This could be a children's book. Puts me in mind of Robert Munsch's "Love You Forever." Beautiful and well-done.
This is wonderful. It needs to be published. Well done!
This is beautiful. Instead of reading it I heard a beautiful comforting lullaby or song inmy mind. I think with some tweaking you could turn this into an awesome song.
I too immediately thought of "love You Forever" of my favorites.