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I can feel the child's pain.

My intention was to write 'I'm not that girl' either, but unless I'm misinterpreting, we really are - both of us.

The wonderful part is the blessings we've received. Let us give praise and thanks to God for how far we have come!

I see that even though "the girl" has moved on, every once in awhile she re-emerges just enough to give thanks to the One who freed her from living in aftershock land.
Detail upon detail brush stroked into this story make it powerful, causing the pictures to linger in my mind long after the reading.
Amazing! And I promise I'm not just engaging in hyperbole. This is beautiful prose that presents characters that stick with the reader long after it's read. More than a short story; art. This paints pictures and tells a sad story, but one that offers hope too and gives encouragement to others who may have been in similar situations. Well done.
I am amazed at how no detail is "wasted" (probably not a good choice of words), but everything you write has meaning, or symbolism, and you revisit each detail. [Your use, and reference, to the trees fascinated me in this story.] You are skilled with words. This is so rich!
My comment can only be made in two words: I understand.
Somehow you manage to put details in-between the lines. Not sure how you do that. Thank God people can actually recover from the details...but how? Incredible writing.
Inspired writing.
Wow. Incredibly powerful and well-written. Thank-you.
This is masterful work. I felt like I was with this little girl but powerless to do anything to help her. So sad yet a story that many can tell.
Wow... I'm speechless. The intensity of this, the detail, the profound emotional awareness... masterful writing from beginning to end. You're absolutely right about not feeling sorry for the MC--because even though that traumatized little girl will always be with her, that girl no longer dictates how she lives her life. Very well done.
Beautiful and haunting. Like someone else said, there is so much meaning between the lines. Fantastic writing.
You write just like Monica Holloway in her book about growing up with an abusive father. You two should have lunch. You may be clones of each other! Well done, no kidding!
I like the voice of the MC and how the story is paced and unveiled. The comparison between one who was fatherless and one who was not Fatherless shows much. Excellent piece!
I've come back here to read this several times. I think it's because of the skill you use in 'unveiling' her. The writing style goes hand-in-hand with her as she is over time. I don't know how you were able to do that. I suspect only because you know her so well and she's always there.
Heavy on heart/mind. Expertly developed/written.
What a masterful use of words in telling a tale that haunts the spirit with hope at the very center. I'm amazed at your creative talent that shines once again in this masterpiece.
Inspirational in so many ways. Congratulations on your first place ec. So happy for you.
Congratulations! (",)
Very well done! Super engaging with rich descriptions and characters!

Big congratulations on your 1st place Editor's Choice! It's well-deserved.
Truly chilling, I think I've met that girl before.
Chilling and great symbolism and imagery throughout.

I'm so glad this took first place - excellent writing, well deserved!

I'm so pleased to see where this entry place (and I'm not surprised). Super congrats, Lisa.. This entry is truly amazing.
Congratulations, Lisa! This is an amazing story, you made every single word count. I won't forget this story for a long time. Thanks also for the kind comment you left on mine. You're a great encourager and I appreciate you!
My, aren't you just the woman of the day? Congratulations all the way around ... on everything.
Congratulations! Wiping the tears. You hit every emotion! Where are the novels waiting to be published by, author, Lisa Mikitarian! You are a gifted and prolific writer!
This is indeed an exceptional story. It tugs at so many emotions within a person. Well done. Congratulations on your most well-deserved win.
Wow, what a powerful story! Congratulations on your well earned first place.
Well done once again!!
As many others have indicated, your use of detail is truly admirable. Favorite moments for me were your description of the toilet on the grass & your closing. Congratulations!
Just now seeing the placements. Congratulations, Lisa on this heart-felt piece. It touched a lot of people in some very positive ways - even to giving them both a hope and a future.
Congrats Lisa, awesome job!