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Wow! This was soo unpredictable! I love how you wove the clarinet concerto through your story. Your character development amazes, Bridgette --"with the means to create and maintain" her beauty, and her shallowness to apologize with a "long eloquent letter." I loved that Portia "never told him you didn't mean it." [Great character names, by the way!] Your title complements your story!
It was interesting to see how these two friends had drifted apart. I liked the spiritual message at the end. Good job!
Very well written. i love the contrast between the two characters. This is an awesome job in 750 words because there is a lot of back story I am intersted in. Your characterization really drew me in. The writing is seemless. Descriptions of background as apt as the music theme weaved throughout. The ending is classic. And I ended up with compassion for both. Excellent. No gimmicks, just great writing. God bless.
I like the word pictures you portrayed for the characters- I could visualize the entire scene.

I was curious at first as to what the mention of the abuse of her mother meant to the story. But then I realize how Bridgette emotionally and verbally abuses the boy with her letters.

Masterfully written-as usual!
Wow - there's so much packed in here. I am in awe. I loved the contrasts between the characters. Masterfully done.
Your characterization, as always, is magnificent. I can see the two women clearly in my mind and have no trouble knowing which one I like better. You have a gifted pen--or is that computer?
Very well written. I like your take on the topic. Very original.
Wow I love your title. The lesson in your story is one so many of us need to hear. You did an outstanding job on this one.
I knew I was in for a treat when I saw this line in your opening paragraph: "bridal magazines fanned out like royal flushes." Excellent as always.
A fitting title to an excellently written story. Enjoyed the twists and turns all the way through to the end.
A very sophisticated cast and setting. Makes the reader want to reach out to a friend from the past - or not ;)
I want to write like you when I grow up :-)
I love the depth in your writing. I ALWAYS look forward to seeing what Lisa's going to pull out of the hat. (I'm with Lyn)
Very intriguing. I like the background details beginning with Mozart’s concerto for the clarinet. The piece stands out because of its delicate interplay between the soloist and the orchestra. That is what I like about this, the delicate interplay between you and your reader, and the delicate interplay between your two characters in the “orchestration” of the stories background.
Then, as the mood of your story changes, so does the music, to Stranger on the Shore, another piece written for clarinet. I loved this story because I could hear the music, it's switch in moods, the sound of Bridget walking, the look on Portia’s face and the skip of Bridget’s heart when she heard the news. Did you know Stranger on the Shore went to the moon with Apollo 10? This entry is over the moon. Superb.

-Henry C.
Great characterization and masterful collation of background story!
This drew me right in with the opening paragraph about looking through bridal magazines. :) What girl doesn't love to dream of marriage?

Then you showed that life doesn't always go as planned. Love the twists and turns here.

I only wonder -- did Portia break up with Edwin and now he's wondering about Bridgette? Oh, the suspense!
I read this twice it was so good! So many subtle nuances that speak volumes. Your talent astounds and humbles me.
Congrats on getting second place and an EC, Lisa!!! :D You rock, girl. ;)
So proud of you for another well deserved EC. Your stories are wonderful!
I love the first paragraph. I smiled at the easily imagined scene.

The depth of your writing and thinking is so masterfully artistic. Top 10 talent, for sure. Congratulations on your EC.
Congratulations on your EC!
Suberb dialogue as always. When does the class begin? One for fleshing out character's too? Stan....
You just keep on amazing me. You're consistantly brilliant with a different voice every week. Congratulations on again being recognized for your incredible talent.
God bless.
The shallowness of Bridgette gave me chills; and the mature love of Portia warmed me. Superb, excellent, and (need I say it) masterful writing. Big congrats to you.