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I really like this story. I felt as if there was far more to it than 750 words would allow, and so did not connect as fully with the characters as I might have. I liked the concept of the letter writing as a way to connect and would have liked to have known more about the family and their relationships.

In short, you left me wanting more, which is always a good thing.
Well told story, with a warm and logical ending--complete with a promise of good things to come. Loved your characters; however, I agree that the word count restriction left us wanting more details. Good writing job.
I felt like the boys were doing a bumbling comedy routine at first, and not doing a serious offense.

Agree with the others, more is needed here!

Would have been interesting for the boy to read some of the letters before being caught.

I would also like to know why he feels so unwanted, tho I know his mother is in prison.

I really enjoyed this. What a wise judge and grandmother! You had the perfect amount of suspense.
This article impressed me. I love the details you wove into your story. I could really picture what was going on. I also like how you showed the characters feelings instead of telling about them. Great job!
Hand written letters could seem like punishment to a boy these days. :) But I liked the concept of sending him to boarding school, but not abandoning him, keeping contact with letters.
Great setting and suspense. A good ending and plenty of loose ends that could lead to more entries. Good job.
There's definitely more to this story. I enjoyed the read. Good job.
Ah, the wisom of the elderly. I loved grandma from the first introduciton all the way through to the ending. Great take on the letter writing as part of the "loving" punishment. Feel good story, feel good ending. I agree with Barb and I even laughed out loud at the bumlbing comedy routing in the beginning. I loved the descripton of curling the toes too! :)
Love the message in this love story about a grandmother and a boy. Much of today's society would not be where we are without our grandparents. Great read.
You had me wondering what was going to happen. I knew they had to get caught, but you surprised me, because I was in a different era :-)
I liked the outcome, what better way to learn how much his grandmother loves him. Well done.
Congratulations in placing 23rd overall! Way to represent,my friend :)
Bravo! Would love to see how this young boy's life turns out.