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I love this! Masterfully described and characterized. The ending was just perfect.
LOVE the ending - it speaks volumes in so few words. Excellent entry.
This broke my heart. I guess I'm very lucky to be able to have a hard time understanding why families hurt each other like this. There is something similar going on in my in-laws family. Your story gives me hope that my dear mother-in-law may someday get her wish and reconnect with her daughter as my children are similar to the girl in your story. Thank you for writing this beautiful story just when I needed to read it most!
Excellent. Well paced. Challenging ending
It's always painful when children get caught in the middle of adult issues. You remind your readers of the value of forgiveness and of the finality of lost opportunities.
I had similar issues with my grandma, but there was no contact until I was in my twenties.

Glad your MC is working towards peace in the family.

Great job!
Awesome! I love the part where she's reading through her old letters. (It's always fun to read through stuff that you wrote when you were younger. :) ) I could imagine that scene just like in a movie: the girl flipping through the pages, a reminiscent smile on her face, hearing her own voice from long ago play in her head as she reads and gradually mature to that of a young woman.

Perfect for the topic!
Congratulations in placing 26th overall!
Congrats on getting to the top 30! Woo-hoo!