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It's in the sharing of ourselves that we receive the joy of friendships. That's the message I took away from this fine piece. Thanks.
What we are inside invariably seeps out. It is hard to see the inside of others. One person sees the trampled plants, another sees the butterfly that they chase. Lots to think about.
I really enjoyed the way this story played out. It was subtle, and inviting, kind of like the garden. Seemed very real to life. Thanks for writing.
This is such a vivid story I could picture the garden as well as the pain and inner turmoil.
Beautiful. The ending gave me goosebumps.

I wonder why someone wants to create beauty and not want to share it with others.
I like the way you presented your message - the images were easy to identify with, not having to struggle too much with similes and metaphors. And, true, too, that most of do hold a secret, beautiful garden inside that God does not want to keep hidden, but rather shared. Like this story.
Lots to think about in your almost "otherworldly" story. Well written; excellent descriptive prose and some evocative inner dialog. Good job!
I loved this story, the imagery and the message. There were a few places where I felt like the telling was a little strong. I was picturing everything so vividly that being "told" that Misty realized her work reflected her was like being pulled out of the story for a moment. Still, fabulous entry!
This is wonderful! I could identify with Misty. I'm not a great gardener, but I was a closet writer. Isn't it easier to enjoy what you create without dealing with other people. Unfortunately, it is very lonely living behind a wall. You depicted this so well.
This has a fairy-tale feeling to it - I almost expected it to end with 'happily ever after' but it will be a slow healing for Misty, I'm sure. I loved the descriptions - put me right in the middle of the gardens.
Congratulations for placing 26th overall!