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Yikes! This should serve as a more-than-gentle nudge for the readers to examine their own inner selves.

Excellent writing and good take on the subject!
Loved the line, "His conscience was lightly touched but rarely troubled..." A great challenge for all of us!!
What a profound and frightening declaration! The point in which you so skillfully conveyed this truth exposes the vast majority of those sitting in Churchs throughout America. It may cause some to twitch, all disease needs a symptom. Until we (Christians) have Psalm 17:15 burned into our hearts and we seek our Lord daily , transforming our inner men into the soul winning selfless saints we were meant to be, Isalm and other devices of the devil will continue to slowly and trajically strangle us and we will be alone in the wilderness, starving, after being offered much food. Thank you and may God continue to bless you with the gifts of perception and writing. As far as Im concerned you win!
This story is easily pictured in today's world. Ministers are busy often they have more than one job to survive. But the church needs to step up and help one another find their inner selves. Nice message
Good story of hope. We tend to put on our Sunday Faces and miss out on what God really has in store for us.
This is so well written and delivers a great message. But I did have to pause to think, who is the narrator? Who could know the inner man so intimately - even to the awakening of his very soul at the last. Great inspired writing.
Amazing. My favorite for the week! Well done.
Wonderful message.