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Nice, Nice, Nice! Creative,
perceptive, great timing and rhyming. Can you tell I loved it?
This piece fits the topic perfectly. A+ on the rhyme and meter, and of course the message too.
Well, to be completely honest, I'm glad a couple of those bugs did get caught : ) However, the message is very clear and clever and I so enjoyed reading it and having it all run through my mind.
Very nice. Good flow. And good lesson.
This is just too cute for words. I would love to be an illustrator and draw frustrated faces on all these bug once they're caught. Your meter and rhyme are impeccable and I love the way you tied it all up with a good spiritual application. I wondered how you'd end it and I was especially pleased that you did it this way. Big time Kudos!!
Cute poetic allegory. How often we become ensnared because we do not heed and discern.
This poem is a great analogy of life. I enjoyed it immensely.
Absolutely delightful! Impeccable meter and rhyme, with a perfect spiritual application. :) Loved it!
Absolutely love the animation in this, using such powerful truth. You skillfully mastered a web of fun and dire warning at the same time.
Love the humorous touches,and love the message you wove into this poem. You got it across without hitting your reader over the head with it. I love this poem!
VEry clever and humorous with the true message. Excellent,May God continue to bless you as you write. Ruth
Oh, yes! You've done it again, Verna. Masterful!
Wow! This is so good! I love the rhyme and meter of this. It is just adorable and fun.
Too cute and insightful! Loved it!
Verna, this is top-notch and just begging to be illustrated. I would buy it. How you reach people through your choice of words is just magical.
Love it so much.

I enjoyed the poem - particularly the one that got decapitated. Lovely use of rhyme.
Loved this, really good pictures formed as I read, great ending.
Congratulations, Verna!
Is the moral to this story,
"Consider the bugs and be wise" ?
I really enjoyed this! Congratulations.
Clever story, rhymes, with excellent meter and message! Love this, Verna! Congrats on your Editor's Choice!!
Congratulations on making the top three. You made the lesson on discernment so much fun! Great job. Nancy