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Well written story with an unexpected ending. We think that simple song is just for little children. Our eyes are children's eyes as long as we belong to the Father so we must always be careful. Good message.
This is a very hard subject to write about and I praise you for doing so. It makes readers uncomforable, but that doesn't mean it should be the contrary.
This is happening in our churches and the sexual predators are getting by with it. Just as you portrayed in your story, people think it couldn't be really happening.
I lost my best friend last year due to her husband being the character in this story. She stands by him. He is now in prison, not for the children he abused in the church, but for a child they adopted and he abused and it was found out after the last church incident.
Bravo for giving this attention.
Totally on topic as well.

My stomach lurched when Jobe said to the girls to keep the light off. I was sure Miss Hutchins was coming to the rescue, then when she didn't I thought surely the pastor... It's scary to think what might be happening in our own church right under our closed eyes. Powerful story, you showed courage ending it the way you did without the longed-for happy ending.
This was very disturbing to read but let's face it, this sort of thing happens all too often, and with the people we might least expect. You dealt with a delicate subjet very well.
Oh my. Okay. I can relate to this. An affair happened right under my nose when I was a church secretary- our pastor and the worship leader/custodian. Devastation to all when it finally came out.

We don't want to think bad about people when we see things when God is clearly telling us to open our eyes and really see.

Such a sad commentary to our churches. Eye-opening, this entry is. Good job on a touchy subject.
You painted a horribly sad and realistic scene... please take that as a compliment. You created the perfect tension for the topic.
Strong writing!
Too true to life to be comfortable to read. My hat is off to you to be brave enough to tackle this subject and do it so well. Excellent, and terrible.