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We all have those 'great' ideas come and go. My dad wasn't a writer, but he liked to invent (I guess writers are also 'inventors'), so kept a notepad by his bed, for just this reason.
I love it! I often use my husband as my "idea recorder". :) The light voice is engaging, and the quick-paced story kept me reading to the end. Good job!
This is hysterical, not only could I relate, but I'm pretty sure my husband would think you were writing about me. Great job.
Clever and fun - love the banter between them. And OH can I relate!
I enjoyed this piece. I try to get ideas down on paper as quick as possible. But more important is listening to my wife and have often lost an idea during these conversations - but God knows I got my priorities right. Colin
Very realistic and fun to read. Loved the converstions between the husband and wife.
Keep writing.
God bless.
Fun story ...and I can relate, too.
Very good - and so true to a writer's life. I jot down ideas everywhere - I even scratched a story outline in the dark once, while watching a movie!
What a fun read! I could identify completely. I've even dreamed stories, and reminded myself while dreaming to get this down first thing in the morning. By morning . . . gone!

(Red ink: Some missing commas and near the end, "loose" should be "lose.")

Well done!
Yeah, I can relate to that.
Congratulations on placing in the top 15 of your level and the top 30 overall.
I just HATE when that happens!