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Riveting portrayal of a writer in the midst of chaos and blood.Indeed to be init, life through it, and then write about. All a challenge beyond a facade.
Incredibly powerful and real and raw. Just wow. Engaged from beginning to end.

I wonder if I know who wrote this. :D

I'm literally breathless with emotion. Wow. Stunning.
Great writing and a gripping story. Thanks - Colin.
Your details and descriptions left me breathless. Great writing!
This is a brilliant piece. Once again I find tears trickling down my face. Your writing is so vivid in details it seems you must have experienced war first-hand.

I stay sheltered in my little shell, terrified of what the world may be coming to, but you have given me a jolt.

I pray your words are just a result of excellent research and a vivid imagination. I wish that statement could be true for every person on earth. But the truth is somewhere in the world right now a scene similar to yours is playing out in real life.

Thank you for sharing and reminding me to pray for those touched by war.
Your vivid descriptions are so real. What a gift you have.
Awesome writing. I felt like I was right there with him.

It's all been said.
This is the most vivid account of the first world war I've ever read and the title was perfect!
What an amazing and powerful story! I felt that I was right in the heart of World War I, that horrifying, world-altering period of history that so many have forgotten. Masterful, heart-rending writing from beginning to end--exceptional!
Congratulations, Ann! This is extremely gripping and graphic, placing the reader in the trench. Amazing!
Wow. That is the first time I've ever used that word in a yellow box comment, but... WOW! You definately deserve your EC. Powerful writing, without a doubt.
Such a powerful piece. A vivid description of why "War is Hell". God Bless and congratulations on your EC. Nancy
Powerful; wrenching and excruciating in every detail. Congratulations; indeed, well deserved!
Wonderfully done. Gripping drama that held me spellbound. Well deserved first place. Congrats.
This is absolutely stunning, heartbreaking, real, intense and amazing. May I be the first to congratulate you on your so well deserved BoB win?
I am SO thrilled for you, Ann. Incredibly so. This is an amazing piece, and is so fitting for the BOB. Because, my friend, you have an amazing talent from the Lord. Congratulations.
Wow, second time through this and it is even more beautiful and amazing than the first. Congratulations!
Ann - congratulations on 1st place BOB. Totally deserving, beautifully written and very moving!
I'm not at all surprised that "No Man's Land" won Best of the Best - CONGRATULATIONS ANN!!
Ann, Congratulations on receiveing Best of the Best with this superb story! You are amazing!
Wow. Powerful, gripping story. Congratulations on winning BOB - you deserved it!
Congrats on being awarded BoB for this piece. Forget tatting. Stick to writing. :-)
Congratulations on your well-deserved 1st place BOB. What an amazing piece: light humor, passion, poetic prose, depth. I loved it.
Ann, this is an incredible story. I'm so glad it won! Congratulations!
Congratulations on your first place win and the BoB award. This grabbed me. The raw emotions and vivid descriptions throughout this piece bring this story alive. And as we celebrate our July 4th Independence Day, it is so relevant still. Freedom is not free--your story targets this fact. God has blessed you with a marvelous gift.
Congratulations! You wrote this piece with such feeling, it couldn't help but win Best of the Best.
Ann, as I read this I struggle to keep my eyes dry enough to write. How fitting this tribute to real war here at July 4th.
Your characters became so real and I ache with them and for them. Your writing is as top-notch as it gets and I feel blessed to have experienced it in this piece.
As A+ as it can be.
You moved me...and I won't forget this soon.

Excellent! Well deserved BOB award. My awe and congratulations.
Wow! I wanted to come up with another word to use, but "Wow" says it all. Exquisite imagery. You write I I want to when I grow up! Congratulations!
Inspired Ann, a well deserved BoB win! "Wow" came to my mind too, but I'd hate to be repetetive, so I won't mention that... ;)
What a heart twister and a question for the ages...

You got to the heart of it all! Congratulations on the Best of the Best!
Am reading this late, Anne, but and all I can say is, "What a writer!" - I aspire to that that kind of writing, especially in the creative non-fiction field. I trust you are NOW bravely launching out into that greater world of serious published writers, as you have no reason to fear that you cannot compete!

God bless your writing -

I finally had a chance to sit down and read this.

And now I am speechless.

Absolutely stunning.

Such an honor to read.

I know it's not (because I have tried it!) but you make writing seem effortless.

Heartfelt congratulations, Ann!

Such a well deserved first place. Wear your crown proudly! :)
"We shoulder our rifles and open fire..." This would be difficult with the weapons on one's shoulders. Shouldering means to place the weapon the shoulder with the rifle's sling. Otherwise, good piece.
Highest congratulations, Ann, for BOB for this awesome piece--truly well deserving.
Incredible piece! I love the descriptions and the emotion of it. So real and moving. Definitely worth the award!Congratulations!
Hi Ann,

I just read your article. Very riveting. Very vivid. The characters came to life and war became a harsh and ugly reality. As I read the article I felt the pain of the characters as they watched their comrades fall. This account has deepened my appreciation for the brave soldiers who lost their lives in battle.

Congratulations on your win. It was well deserved.

You took us there evoking, enraging even engulfing us in the depths and horror of World War I. I read your article before I knew your identity. But I sensed a woman had written it because it held nothing back. I want to be you when I grow up as a writer.
A gripping story. It grabbed me immediately. Congratulations!
As a Vietnam combat veteran I can tell you have never been in combat nor do you understand it. You have no idea what you are writing about. Sorry to be so blunt, but I could not let it go without comment.
As an aspiring writer...I have a very long way to go as I read this piece. You have perfected this gift God has bestowed. Congratulations.