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What can I say? Certainly hitting too close to home:) You made me smile.
This was fun.. and so relateable. I love the "moment" comment. Isn't that the truth? Interruptions can be so irritating. Sounds like a good healhty marriage to me!
I can relate, but for my husband his love is his computers. It was a lovely fresh take on the topic.
Oh so delightful! I loved his "rosey", poetic style of writing compared to her simpler style. Very fun to read.
Creative and well written. Definitely an endearing share for all writers and their spouses!
A very cute and fun read. Probably a good thing I live alone (the dog & cats don't say too much).
I don't think you "shallow" at all! Great story-and different.
Good job!
Wonderful work. The last line is a gem - I actually snorted.
I loved this. Now I know what my poor husband will have to look forward to when I eventually get married.
I love this! SO much fun to read! I especially liked the paragraph in which he proposed a trip to Hawaii (where there just HAPPENS to be a writer's conference...). Great job!
Oh, this is perfect! Funny and thought-provoking all at the same time - I never want my writing to get in the way of my relationship with my lovely wife...
The "list" made me smile, especially "the room wasn't made crowded by anything related to sewing." :) John is quite the smooth-writer! :) (and I was glad she still loved him… even though he "still didn't mention our anniversary." ) This was great fun to read!
Oh wow, loved this! So creative on the topic, his letter...yeah, would leave you shaking your head with warm fuzzies in your tummy :-). Johnny better tend to that anniversary issue though
Ouch. But I did grin at Johnny's response.
Really enjoyed reading this -- so true of the struggles of marriage. Letter format to each other worked great.
This was awesome! I laughed so much when reading the writer's reply letter. Very smooth. The title says it all. :)