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Cute and written with a good imagination--but alas, no pain, no gain for this MC.
It comes and goes. No wonder are moods are so up and down:) Very cute poem!
I call my tincture "coffee"! Isn't it strange how our ability to create affects our moods?
This is great. If you ever do find an elixir like that...
Well done.
Fun concept - if only inspiration was that easy!
This is wonderful! You've created a cute, fun-to-read poem that delighted this reader! Love this! (Muses are so fickle these days!) :)
Imaginatively clever and entertaining as well. Fun read also!
Terrific! What a joy to read.
Love the pace.

Fun and witty!:) Well done.

where can I buy this stuff?
This was fun. I wondered if the brew contained alcohol :)
Hehehe This was great. If only there really WAS a drink that could help us write. lol
I'll take a lifetime supply of that tincture, please. :) I felt a little let down by the ending, like I was missing something important. Maybe I just need to mull over this poem more. :) You meter and rhyme is without flaw - your poetry skips along on my tongue.
I echo all the other comments! I would like to order a bottle a week please! Great poem, great fun! Thankyou
I would guess that if you drank this all the time, it would gradually lose its effect... sort of like certain medicines do. Alas, there is no magical elixir for writing--but all of us can dream. Well done--fun and creative!
Beautifully, inventively done! A joy to read. Mind sharing that "potion"?
Cute, well written, with a nice tincture of humor - I'd love to have some of your elixer if you'd care to share.
Congratulations in placing in the top 15 in your level and in the top 30 overall.
Fun! I almost said aloud, "Ah, that's so sad!" at the ending, but it was a good way to end it.