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Wow! I know what this makes me think of, but don't know if you intended it to bring any particular teaching to mind so won't say it.
Interesting look inside a cult. I liked your strong, independent-thinking MC.
Oooo, creative use of the topic and a realistic look into some cults. Scary.
Your story is chilling and sad concerning the Father. Your MC is amazing and wise and puts hope in your story! I enjoyed this!
Well written, I felt as if I were Hanna and enjoyed how you showed her dealing with such an overpowering adversity in her immediate life. She stayed respectful even though, I as the reader wanted my chance to get in her father's face!
This is outstanding. One of the best I've read. I like how you left the ending opening, knowing that whatever happens next Hanna will be safe with Jesus some way or another.
A chilling tale, one I'm sure is true of those who trust in cults rather than Christian communities. My one small quibble, and it could just be me, is that you capitalized the word Father. I think in reference to whom the true Father is, He should be the only one reserved for the capitalization. Maybe the other "father" could have been italicized. But, like I said, that's just my observation and I truly enjoyed your story.
I liked how you handled the capitalization as if in the Father's mind, he was now on the same level as God. Chlling, but excellently rendered!
Chilling story opening a curtain to what it might feel like being in a cult and knowing that what they were teaching was wrong.
Well told message that applies to everyone...what price are we willing to pay to stand for the Gospel? Lose a job? Friends? Family? Dreams? This isn't fiction, it's fact for READERS of the Bible.
I've studied cults a lot and this is an excellent, very realistic snapshot. A vivid portrayal of the types of stuff that goes on in some cults.
Excellent work on the topic coming from a not so usual take. If only those who are in such deep darkness can read God's word and see the truth, falsehood will never be able to have a hold. Heaven and earth will pass away, but God' words will not pass away (Matthew 24:35).
Congratulations in placing in the top 40 over-all. Good job!