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I liked the writing, but am not sure I understood it all. I do love the ending though. How wonderful it is when we are in the Spirt and unhindered by the flesh.
Powerful story. The sights, the smells, the accents of an old english prison. The crime: reading books that have been censored and banned. Why, because of ignorance. Yet in this prison, the mind is free.
You take the reader right into the prison cell with your descriptions. I also loved the contrast between his captive body, but his free mind. Powerful writing!
The squalor you describe is tangible, a tribute to your skillful writing. You took me where I would not have chosen to go, yet could be glad for the freedom of "mind" your MC had. Amazing work!
My! Your words capture the essence of life itself. You have defined true freedom and left us with a crystal clear portrait of a truly free man.

Wonderful entry.
Ending was out of this world. One of my favorites so far.
Squalor, suppression and freedom from contrived piety and self-pity. You closed on an especially uplifting note. Very well done
Wow your details were exquisite. I felt like I was in the cell with the MC
Well certainly made me cringe at the conditions that others have suffered...simply for reading!
Love the premise of this story (and the way it's told) because of the deep underlying truth. I especially like what you wrote here: "How could I resist reading of such wonders? To deny myself would have been choosing to wallow in a slimy midden flowing through the middle of a street, rather than stepping above the muck and stench. There would have been no greater poverty than to remain rutted in my foolish assumptions and prejudices."
I can think of no better summation of this wonderful article and its ultimate message.
Very creative, though I reread passages as I wasn't sure what was going on. Must be my headache as others didn't have any difficulty.
The writing was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Sights, smells, ambiance, the very feel of the air; you brought it all to us, my friend, along with the excitement, the wonderment of freedom of the mind. You could have taken us to a fantasy-land, but instead presented a filthy reality wherein beauty resides in the mind. WOW! Thank you.
I too the ending, and was impressed with the vivid detail and description.
Congratulations Ann, on your Editor's Choice award for this creative story! It's very deserving!
Absolutely wonderful; so tactile and real. I not just felt but truly experienced the suffering of this man. Bravo.
Hearty congratulations. I enjoyed your character's unusual voice.