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So joyful and uplifting! I could see it all. Beautiful!
Oh my gosh. Too cute! I loved "MaBedville" and "raimbov" and "beatle bear."
So sweet, but deep with meaning. As we try to teach them, the little ones often teach us. Loved it!
Awww, this had such a good snuggly feel. I loved little Beatle Bear, her prayer was the best wow.
I love your ultra-creative title. Your miniature MC warmed her way into my heart too. :) I love how the mother looked for "Wows!" in creation to share with her daughter! I'm still smiling over this!
This was a beautiful story. I loved your mini MC and her cute nature. Well done with your descriptions. This story really held me captive the whole way through. Excellent writing!
A delightful, homely tale. I easily could identify with the being woken up in the morning feeling
Wow- so cute.
What a sweet, sweet tender, loving story written very well. Enjoyed every line. Loved the "wows". A great word to teach a young one. Way kool.
God bless.
I loved this!--sleepy mom, delightful child, and beautiful descriptions of God's wows.
What a "bouncy" and cheerful story... And a sweet reminder of God's glory in the everyday. Great title.
You managed to capture the true meaning of the word in this captivating tableau. I was caught up in the moment, nodding my head, yes. Simply delightful!
Great title and so many lovely, homey touches throughout. The nicknames, the easy humor, the warmth between mother and daughter and the bit of poetic prose describing the "wow" scene.

All marks of a true writer. :)
This is sweet and tugs at my heart.
This is so sweet, gentle and genuine! The unspoiled enthusiasm of a child is a thing to be treasured (even if it does mean waking up a little earlier than you'd intended!). Loved it!
You had such beautiful descriptions from what Beatrice looked like to the "rainbove" (what a clever word!) she showed her mother. This was excellent.
I have to giggle at "rainboves" that's just too darling! Fun read and I loved the mother/daughter interaction. Wonderful!
Loooove this little girl! You really captured a five year old's view here. From the mouths of babes, eh? Lovely story.
Sweet, fulfilling slice of life story that makes one smile along. Good job.

Awww... What a sweet story! Thank you for sharing, Cat!