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Wow! Wow! Wow! I love this! Absolutely wonderful, masterful writing. Loved it.
Bravo! I have chills - the setting and mood in the first reminded me of Poe, and the revelation and wonder in the second was heart-lifting affirmation for any artist. The rhyme, the meter - spot on. Great job!
I'll repeat the "Wow!" too! This is absolutely beautiful (the story, the meter, the poetic form). I can't believe this is your first poem! What talent! Wow!
Wow. Very, very good for your first poem in the challenge! I'd love to know which composer inspired this, if it was a specific one.
This is awesome!! The story, the meter, everything! It transitioned so well from one time period to the next, too. Excellent!
This is beautiful. I love the way you tie it together through the ages. Well done on your 1st poem!
Very impressive. My sense of rhythm is so dreadful I don't dare turn my had to poetry. But this is a great venture into new fields.
My one quibble would be that I felt the final section with the school kids was a bit laboured. But the ending was excellent
YAY, poetry! :)

And WOW on this one, Carol!
You look like a professional! :)

This has such a sweeping, hushed and grand feel to it.

Beautiful. Reverent. Memorable.

I am extremely impressed and blessed by your ahem first poem.
Wow...should have know the musician also has a poet's soul. This is awesome.
Way excellent. What I like the best were the last lines of each stanza. Each one could have had a sela after them. Very impressed. God bless.
Applause! Wow! This is beautiful.
This is quite impressive.
Wonderful! I commend your bravery in trying something new, and applaud your obvious talent.
Carol, I just wanted you to know this is my favorite for the week. I think this is flawless. The first time I read it, I thought, "I want to write like that!" It truly is a masterpiece.
100% of what Beth said...(of course I want to write like Beth, too!:)
I love this poem! I wouldn't have been a bit surprised to see it way up top.
A realy lovely tribute, Carol. Well done.