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Talk about a word in due season - this was it for me! I definitely needed to hear this today and the way you phrased it in poetic form, made the "beast" not so formidable.
I love how you made grr into something that is alive. You demonstrated beautifuly what real anger is and how it can take over our lives. But the last line is a life saver- literally.

The only thing I might consider changing is this line:

And if the Grrr is challenged says
T’was only harmless fun

to something like this:

If the Grr is challenged he says...

Just taking out the word and, then inserting the word he seems to flow better to my ear.

But I think it is a beautiful poem and you do a great job with rhythm and meter.

Thank you for sharing a lovely part of your heart.
Great flow, all the way through. What a great example of the human heart without the influence of the Man from Galilee.
Love, love this! It's me you're talking about, right?
So well written, easy to follow, says so much with so few words. Poetically correct. Top drawer!

Such an accurate and concise portrayal of what we all know of ourselves on the inside, and the damage that can arise if the trigrrr is squeezed.