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So glad I wasn't drinking something when I started reading this or else my computer would be toast. I don't know why, but the man purse thing just cracked me up--I loved that it showed up a couple times in the story. Your dialogue is so authentic...I felt like I was eaves dropping on the whole thing. Very funny.
Super fun and creative entry. The "murse" cracked me up as well. Great piece!
What a gift you have! Your plot, characters, dialogue, and humor are the "best."
Outstanding. What a fun read.
I was absolutely hooked by the first paragraph. The voice was so, SO authentic, and the murse references had me in stitches. I also loved that you were on topic, without clobbering me with it. Delightfully entertaining with outstanding comedic timing.
Very interesting topic. I giggled here and there. Good job.
I could sense the small-town, country feel of this story. I guess I'm not sure about the "fluff" effect but I really enjoyed this. Great writing.
I just so love Widow Kemp. My kind of gal. Decision maker. Takes the stage without any effort.
Loved this wonderful, well-written and on topic entry.
I'm going to be laughing at this one the rest of the day! Wonderful characters, wonderful story... hilarious! (Murse... I'll have to remember that...:)
If nothing else, this substantiates what I've always thought about a woman's memory - it's inexhaustible : ) Great take on the theme and the way you were able to round out so many colorful characters in such a short span of words is truly remarkable. Hope the Dr. and the widow have a great time together - satchel not withstanding.
LOL I love the whole manbag/purse/murse thing. Each couple trying to goad the widow into bidding for their man to win the bet. A very visual story and well written as always.
Haha, this was good! Loved the set up and the bantering behind the widow.

Maybe it's just me, but the italics were a bit distracting from the fanstastic dialogue.

Amazing job as always!!!
A classic and hilarious piece! What an amusing way of describing a purse-murse-satchel-bag. This is a sure way of driving someone's patience to the point of annoyance! I like the part when Mrs Kemp said, "Can we shut up about the doctor's bag already?" That's a great way of ending any unfruitful chatter!
I could visualize the whole hilarious story, from the tra-la-la word pronunciations to the "murse". This fluff is heavy on the humor! LOVE it!
Very good writing. It's so interesting that I had to keep going back about to 'who' said 'what'... too many characters. Maybe it's only me, I could not understand some expressions said in the chatter. But I honestly enjoyed the story very much on how you've written it so well. You are a gifted master-writer.

Delightful story, rich dialog, wonderful writing, as always!
Very pictorial writing, in the colors, the humour, the conversations and the emotions. My 'purse'onal opinion is that it should score well.
Looks like the judges agree with the comments all the way to EC! well deserved.

Three weeks in a row! Wow! I'm glad this well-crafted entertaining story made the EC list! Super Congrats, Lisa!
My favorite part? When Elsie put her hands behind her back so her husband had to carry the murse. What a gift to put us right there envisioning the whole scenario! I enjoyed being there immensely!

I enjoyed this very much... I could picture the whole episode in my mind's eye... I love your talent at putting humor into your writing. Congrats on doing do well in the judging.

Lisa J.
Still laughing, Lisa! Love this story--congratulations!
Fun read. Lots of great dialogue! Congratulations on EC!
I'm just getting last week's EC's read. What a fun entry. The doctor and the widow came alive with your excellent characterizations. Congratulations on your EC!