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The vivid descriptions gave this heartbreaking story life, and it's a story I won't forget. Masterfully written!
This story is a mixture of sadness and joy...I am so glad these two children found someone who was willing to share the love of Jesus. A very well-written story.
Thanks for sharing this reminder. This kind of story always reminds me to be thankful. Your writing is superb. Well done!
I can thoroughly relate to this story living as I do in a similar part of Africa. And it's great that you presented real faith and education as two major planks in the solution.
Interestingly I completely misinterpreted what was going on. I imagined that Clovis was older and running alongside the girl. Hence when you refer to her carrying a baby, I assumed she was pregnant. Imagine my surprise then when I discovered right at the end that she was only ten! Nevertheless a poignant and alternative picture of childhood
This makes me very appreciative of what we have in our society. Your MC tugged at my heart. Well done.
Your story is gripping and makes me so sad for all the children in ths world who will not experience childhood.
Stories like this can raise the awareness of others, hopefully stirring hearts to help.
This is so heart-breaking, especially in the fact that it's the only life they've known. You've made this so real.
Congratulations on your 1st place in Masters and EC 1st place! Fantastic writing.
Powerful writing. Deserving of #1 and more. So, often we find it easier to write on lighter material. You punched my heart with this one. Not just entertaining but motivating and prayer-inducing.
Your voice is just so intense and believable.

All I can say is that you have written a awe-inspiring piece that reaches deep inside the hidden parts of the heart with a message that challenges and shames at the same time. Congratulations on first place in both Master's and EC.
I'm so glad to see this being recognized, Sharlyn. Congratulations on 1st place EC!!
Sharlyn, what a masterfully written piece - a heartbreaking story that needed to be told and read. So highly deserving of your EC 1st place win! Congratulations!
Awesome in every way. Congratulations. :)
Congratulations on placing with this heartbreaking,excellently written piece.
Congratulations on this most excellent, moving piece. Superb...
Congrats on your first place entry!! Wonderful job writing.
Beautifully written and yet so heart-breaking. Congratulations on a well-deserved win!!
This is amazing! It reminded me to pray for a family that I met about a year ago who have almost raised enough support to go to Uganda as missionaries.
Thank you for sharing such a tender account of needy children. They truly are everywhere we go. Though my little brother and I were not raised in Uganda, we grew up with similar desperation. We, too, were not removed from our sad circumstances, but the Love of Jesus was definitely with us!
Sharlyn, this is such a powerful entry that it makes me bow my heart in shame. What in the world are we as Christians doing to rescue the children of the world? Not enough. Not enough! Your own heart for children has created a story that should launch many ministries. Congratulations on 1st placement in the Challenge, but the real prize is what this story will do to inspire hearts and hands to help such children. Thank you for being the Lord's scribe, my friend.