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Yes, those days are easy to remember. And all the words for water make it worse. Great story. Loved the ending.
Tee hee. To this day, my sisters still call me hamster bladder. I kid you not. A very entertaining, playful piece of writing. :)
Utterly hilarious, and one of the funniest uses of Scripture I've ever seen in a challenge entry!
Very entertaining entry. I remember our youth group doing this to each other on long road trips. Thanks for sparking fun memories. Well done.
I still torment friends when they dare admit to me they gotta go;) I need to remember this scripture - perfect!
When I read this line, "Can we all meditate on this scripture?" my coffee came spurting out of my nose. I laughed so hard. This is so like a group of sibligs ganging up on one of them. Such an adorable, true-to-life vignette. And so skillfully written, too! Big time Kudos!