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Well, if God can talk to a Donkey, I suppose he can talk to a little girl sitting in the bathroom.

There are way too many cute phrases in here to choose one, but the first one that caught my eye was [i]he did is five-year-old best[/i].

Gotta love church politics.
Okay, I love the title. :)
What a great message with a wonderful comical twist; the venue of God speaking to your MC will have me giggling all night. Fantabulous stuff.
Your MC has a raw, honest voice that MADE like her, and the writing is phenomenal. I was a bit let down by her revelation; I was expecting something more profound. But then I thought about the simplicity of her message to them from God, and I realized the simplicity is revelation itself. Love it.
Funny piece. I liked the MC's voice. Very believable. Good job.
Really like your spunky MC and the wonderfully simplistic message she delivered.
What a great piece! You should place first on just the title alone. So clever and creative, just like the rest of the story! Kudos!
Well-written, with a very engaging voice. A great lesson, too!
Your MC is a brave little girl. I'm not exactly sure what was going to happen, but I guess we don't need to know details. Loved the voice in this piece. Kudos.
The honesty of kids is hard to ignore. Funny and poignant--a great combination!
A little child shall lead them... that's what the Good Book says. Your story should be told in alot of churches I believe. Too much schism going on. Congratulations on yuor level placing and EC placing.
I love your mystery. So fun and clever, Laury. Congrats on your EC!
Clever story! The bathroom scene (or stink) made it all quite believable. Congrats on your EC!
Congratulations!!! :)