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Well done. That last bit as John dedicates the quill, paper, and words to the glory of God has great impact.
Thank you for sharing this well written piece and treating the subject matter with what is obviously considerable thought and reverence. Your style flowed in keeping with the scriptures that John wrote and was a believable extension of the man himself. Excellent!
Thank you for showing us the heart of John. God surely trusted him with a great deal, and you did an excellent job of portraying his humility and obedience. Just last April, I stood in the little cave/room on the island where John is purported to have written. Your thoughts were more profound than the ones I had as I stood there.
You have illustrated expertly the power of words through your own. How much more is the Divine Word leading us to the Kingdom of God? Well done!
Exemplary descriptions and extremely compelling piece. It brought a new life to John for me. Very well done.
I feel humbled and blessed.

What a tender touch you have. What skill.
What artistry.
Well done.

Okay ..
what I really want to say is .. WOW!!!:D
Despite being beyond words, you've used words very beautifully here, and once again proven yourself one or our finest writers. Thanks so much.
Beautifully written. Wonderful take on John's Isle of Patmos Revelation. How his heart must have been thrilled and overwhelmed simultaneously. I think you conveyed that so very well here!
Wow. I have never thought about what John must have felt writing the book of Revelation. This is very, very good. Excellent job with the topic.
Masterfully done. Took me to Patmos to observe. Wonderful insight shared with the reader.
You "get it". Mona
What more can I add other than I REALLY LOVED the way you portrayed John. Made him one of us.
Full marks.
Congratulations, dear friend!
A beautiful bit of writing, as usual.
So well done.
Congratulations on your EC. Excellent piece.
Beautifully written. Compelling. Insightful. I always appreciate a piece that brings Biblical characters to life. This is a winner.

This vivid imagery will be in my mind every time I read the Revelation.

Again, magnificent piece!
This was masterful in every way...superb. Congrat on your EC!
Congratulations on this great piece. I felt like I became personally acquainted with John.