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A lot of us could use an envelope under the door when we pass through these dark moments. Well done and a great lesson.
If you are ever the recipient of a divine envelope with the names of individuals you have touched, my name would be there with today's date. Thanks for the encouragement to keep on keeping on.
I liked very much the creative idea in your story and was reminded that God takes notice of any "cup of water in His name."
Such a tender, beautiful story with a wonderful blessing of hope. I have definitely been blessed.
This story shows how tired and used up so many of our pastors are. Often with very little appreciation shown. I read it and then stopped to pray for my pastor. Thank you so much for this.
You kept my interest with your writing.
What a wonderful story idea, and what a wonderful story! I loved the suspense and the superb kicker.
Wouldn't it be nice to have one of these reminders? Good writing, and great message.
I love the fact that God sends us encouragement when we need it most. Well written! Nice job!
Our pastors certainly often need encouraged. I felt for your mc and related him easily to pastors I've known. Very interesting take on this weeks topic.
Your daughter's clue is incredibly inspired. I had it in mind as I read each word of you touching story. You are both to be commended... may your own lives be sealed with the same kiss as was this envelope.
So often I find myself in the same place as this man. You have touched my heart with a beautiful reminder of who I am, "servant of the Kingdom." Thank you.
I remember a song we used to sing in church when I was a child: "Will there be any stars in my crown?" The "stars" referred, of course, to people we had led to Christ. How wonderful to be given a glimpse of that ahead of time, just when the encouragement was needed! Well done.
A very uplifting story for tired servants. So often the problems fill our vision and eclipse the fruit which should lead us to be thankful and joyful. Thank you for helping restore the balance.