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Tremendous insight here. Very nicely done.
Tremendous, authentic, humbling. How you could take such a simple story and make it convicting and inspiring is beyond my ability as a writer - well done, and thank you.
Your wonderful descriptions drew me in first; then I was captivated by the meaning of your words. Excellent writing.
Just gorgeous, and so full of wisdom and blessing. Absolutely masterful.
You caught me with the title in this one. I wanted to see what this was about! I like the simplistic yet fundamental message you wrote about. We really do need to live life more child-like!
This is brilliantly constructed with the metaphor of the simple child. A wonderful reminder of how we need to reorder our priorities.
Yes, the title captured my attention first and the lovely, insightful writing did not disappoint. I love the way you wove several of Jesus' parables into the story. Bravo.
I absolutely love the comparison of this unassuming child to the kingdom of God. So true. I love your style of writing, it is smooth, and flows like oil--soft and clinging to everything it touches, lubricating, and removing friction.
This overwhelmed me with peace and contentment. Simplicity. Such truth portrayed by the child and appreciated by the MC. Worth pondering awhile, with a cup of tea on the deck.

An exquisite blend of theological brilliance and pastoral sensitivity.

Such remarkable observation of the details of the kingdom and such profound insight into the human experience of the divine moment.