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This is very well written, with humor and message. I love the tongue in cheek teasing and how, through time and the Lord, that a young girl grows in Christ and becomes a tool for the Kingdom. Praise God, keep up the writing! :0)
I enjoyed the transformation of the "valley girl" into a missionary with a heart for God.
You've got my curiosity up about those deadly spiders. I may have to google for them. I liked Jenny's unswerving devotion to missions.
I'm not quite sure whether this is an advert for Austrailia or for the DTS. But as a serving missionary, I fully identify with the joy and sense of anticipation that so powerfully grips Janna.
Clever writing with a likeable MC and narrator.

I might have reducted the number of characters at the beginning, and played up the "deadly spiders" angle. It could be a real source of conflict, particularly if your MC is terrified of them.

Wonderful example of an MC who's a rounded character (showing depth and personal growth).
My favorite part is Janna's transformation. I thought it was a faze, and she'd lose interest. I was so glad that she submitted to God's calling! Great story.
I love this example of God using His children as instruments of His will, despite our first human impressions of them. He can transform anyone. Wonderful message...
I enjoyed the voice of the MC and learning about the YMAM. A very believable story. Great job!
I meant YWAM!
I liked watching your slightly air-headed girl turn into a young lady with a purpose. Well written and nicely done.
It was cool to watch this event unfold, to see the transformation of a young woman in love with God. Good job!
I though the story would be more about the spiders, although it was very well written. I enjoyed the humor as well.
She sure did change her way of thinking...the MC is charming in her "bubble-headed way" and the transformation in her is lovely to read! (A country with that many spiders, though...ooooo...)
Love the transformation in this girl. You did a wonderful job with that in particular.
I am guessing that this is a true story. How wonderful it is to see someone transition from their own fleshly desires to the desires of God. Loved reading this!
I'm an Aussie who sometimes looks up at our ceilings and wonders: "How did that eight-legged horse get into our house?" (They may be harmless but they have a monopoly on ugly.)
You grabbed me with how you traced the way openness to God's call overcomes anxiety and fantasy to generate clarity and confidence. Well done.