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Oh, this is chilling, interesting and leaves the reader knowing that evil lurks everywhere. We must be on guard always and pray for all nations to know God.
Oh, this is GOOD. So enrapturing and fearful and wonderfully written. Wow.
Captured all the way through; great read
What a unique take on this topic! Very well done. I love the idea of HIS playground.
Great word choices and details, "sulphurous," "blew a large smoke ring." And I love the "fun during creation" idea. That made me smile. Excellent writing!!
Really squirmy--just as you wanted it, I'll bet. As always, top-notch writing and creativity.
Ooo, very prickly! Great take on the topic, and a perfect ending. Loved it.
Ooh, you made the characters TOO lifelike. [shudder] Excellent job on this topic
I like the reference to "His" playground and all the most interesting creatures living there.
This was so enjoyable, Frank Peretti style.
Oh, the descriptions are so vivid...very creative and fabulous writing.
Totally creative and captivating. I love the images - a sulphorous sigh, greasy-looking hair (that one threw me right at the beginning), kicking, yanking, etc. The mood was perfect too.
Very edgy! I would have liked to know what happened next. You pulled me in quickly, and it was hard to be let go. I could see this being a piece of a larger work. Great job setting the scene.
Fantastic dialogue. In just a few words you really set a scene...a little spooky, too!
I don't know what to say. I'm a bit floored I think.:)

Your word choice for description and dialogue particularly for the "big guy" made me laugh (sorry)... but it is just so perfect.
Gosh. Wow.
Well done.