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LOVE the ending message, as well as this precious woman's availability to open her home to all these kids. Very convicting, yet inspiring.
I liked the angle you took in this piece. Good job.
A lovely example of how everyday life can reflect spiritual truths.
What an awesome story! That was a great teachable moment. Am awful hungry for a Christmas cookie now, too.
Wonderful teachable moment woven into this delightful story. Love the descriptions--I felt like I was right there. I think you need to send some of those cookies through the floppy slot ;)
ohhhhh...what a wonderful object lesson! I love your missionary stories,Peej.
I've heard of the "thirty minutes late" yet "still be considered on time" from foreign countries. :) I could see and hear the mushroom cloud of flour. :) And you have a beautiful message (with a perfect title) in this. Is this based on a true story?
Wonderfully presented lesson within a great story.
Your title is a great lead-in for your story, You got the teen dialogue just right, and your illustration was perfect for your wonderful message.
I love how Carl and Lisa relate to each other and to the kids. And how Lisa used the spilled flour to teach about Jesus. Very Nice!
What a neat idea. I like your MC's cool-headed response to the mishap.
You put me right in the middle of the action. I could see the teens passing the flour around. Great way to share the gospel, too,
I could feel the pandemonium in the kitchen and all of the fun that was being had. You always have a great lesson tucked into all of your writings, and this one is no exception. Praise God for cleaning up the messes we make in our lives. :)