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This one surprised me. Certainly wasn't going in the direction I thought. Very emotional story. Wow. Love your title, too. Awesome job!
wow. :)

little confusing at the beginning as to who was cooking, but turned out great!

what a SWEET promise kept!
A beautiful story. This touched my heart.
A very real glimpse into the heart of this man. I love the ending.
What a lovely, blessed ending to a story that definitely didn't go where I thought it would. Such a sad, yet comforting, story. Beautiful.
This is so sweet and sad. I really felt for him. I loved the vivid imagery, especially of the kitchen.
This is beautiful--even though I have big tears in my eyes.

I was a little confused at the beginning. It started out talking about the church secretaries, then all of a sudden it was Joe cooking. I kept reading and figured it out, though.

Really nice take on the topic. And great descriptions of the cookies.
Yes, your cookie list made me drool! :) This is so sad, tender, and heartwarming at the same time. I love the hope that exudes through Joe (in knowing where Glenda is). Your ending is precious "one that matched the smiles of forty-eight Santa cookies."
Sad and sweet. It's so tough going through holidays without those closest to us.
This was well written and emotinal.
A touching and well written story. I like that your MC found time to be thankful for all he had and has even though it is a sad time in his life. Good job.
Wonderfully written. This is so beautiful and tender. Thumbs up!
This is so touching. I like that Joe is a man of his word. Very sweet and well written, too.
Your descriptions and deep emotion shown in your story make it excellent.
Very moving and thought provoking. We usually don't appreciate what we have until we lose it...also, the point of how quickly our lives can be turned upside-down. Beautifully told.
A touching story that made my heart ache for Joe. I would have to agree with some other comments that the POV was confusing at first. Maybe if you introduced Joe in the first line by having him survey the decorated living room, it would have helped. Otherwise, the story was engaging, descriptive, and emotional. Great job!
This was a great, tender, and tear wrenching story. I enjoyed it. Thanks for writing it.
This piece will be a sweet promise kept. How touching.
Beautiful story! Nice work.
A bittersweet story filled with a balanced mix of sadness and hope. We do often take for granted all that people do until those people are no longer with us anymore. Praise God for giving us the strength to endure the hard times and, at the same time, savor the good memories.

This was a joy to read. Thank you for sharing. :)